Lessons from Christmas

TLC Web Team Youth Blogs

I had a wonderful Christmas season this year. It was the first Christmas I celebrated after being baptized, making it more special. We all know the traditional account about this season with the birth of Jesus Christ and the rest of the nativity story. However, this past Christmas, I was guided to look deeper into that story and to understand one of the most crucial lessons about this miraculous section from the Bible: Just like God had a perfect plan for Jesus, He has a plan for me.

There are 2 important lessons that I took away from this Christmas:

  1. God defeats all obstacles that go against his plan: Before Jesus was even born, God defied the first obstacle in his plan: nature. Because all things are possible with the Lord, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ occurred. In the same principle, I now understand that even though there might be several obstacles in His plan for me (even if that obstacle is my attitude or mindset itself), God will always rectify or defy whatever it is that hinders His plan.
  2.  There are no “coincidences” with God’s plan: Before Jesus’s birth, the Roman Emperor Augustus decreed a census in which families had to go back to their original hometowns for this purpose. It was never a coincidence that Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem because this decree, the rejection by the innkeeper, and everything else was part of His plan. At the time, the rejection by the innkeeper might have seemed terrible to Mary and Joseph, but it was the Lord’s plan for Jesus to have a humble birth in the manger in a stable. In the same way, I have realized that anything that happens in my life is part of God’s plan for me, whether it’s good or bad.

Truly, this past Christmas was a blessing not just for me but also my family. We are honored to be a part of the TLC family and most importantly, a part of our Lord Jesus Christ’s family.

Jessica Selvarayan