How our spiritual void was filled

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I came with George to United States in November of 2007. I still remember our first Christmas in US, Since George had not received his SSN, we were left with not too much in our pockets till the end of Dec. That year it snowed and I still remember, how George and I walked almost a mile, clinging to each other on that snow to the nearest Walgreens and brought our First Christmas Tree for 19 Dollars. I was a bit sad that there was no family around at Christmas, and it did not feel like Christmas at all, so I decided to search for churches nearby. I found quite a number of churches around, but to my amazement wherever I called, they said we do not have a service on the Christmas Day!

 Fast forward, in the year of 2010 George & I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Ahaan. Ahaan is our miracle baby. Doctors had told me that I could never have a baby, but it was only through prayers that we got him. Ahaan’s birth was a miracle too, as his cord was wrapped around his belly when he was born. God has been so faithful and merciful to us. All these years God has constantly been showing his mercies to me and my small Family, be it the time of layoffs in George’s office or be it any health crises or minor surgeries, God has sailed us through. Year after year, we have witnessed His greatness in our lives and in our Family, but even with all of these blessings, I always felt a spiritual void in my heart even though we got connected to a Church, in Irving & I started singing in the choir, somehow that Spiritual Void did not fill up.

 In 2015 we were blessed with a House, for which George and I had prayed for way too long. Receiving this house was another miracle. We joined another Church in Flower Mound. We loved both our Churches, but there was spiritual void that I felt constantly. Going to Church was a chore for all the three of us. We had to almost drag ourselves every Sunday to the church. Sometimes we used to skip Church for almost 3 Sundays in a row. All these 11 years of our stay in the United States, our House & Family & Finances Prospered, but sadly our spiritual walk with the Lord was not growing in any way.  

 In 2016, I was blessed with a very good job. Getting this Job was yet another miracle of God in my life. Finally, after 10 years of being a homemaker I stepped out in the Corporate World. I had prayed for this job for years. I loved doing my work and did my job as unto the Lord and not as unto men. My managers loved and appreciated my work. I received excellent reviews and best monthly scores, however when two of my team members left the team & I was only left to cover up for them as well, the workload created a whole lot of stress for me and some major health issues. That eventually forced me to leave the job after two and a half years of hard work. After having to leave the Job, there were moments I questioned God, that why did He caused me to leave this job? It was His blessing, so why did He decided to take it away from me?

 Though I was deeply saddened with the Lord’s decision for me to discontinue my job and in my weakest moments I even questioned His existence, BUT I had witnessed way too much of His Mercies & Blessings in my past To Not to have Faith in His plans for my future, so I rested upon His Will and gradually surrendered everything in His Hands.

As shared earlier, I had always felt a spiritual void in my life all these years, and to add to it, our son Ahaan got very influenced with the other gods, so one day he came up to me and questioned, “All of my friends follow other gods, why can’t I? “. That night I was very disturbed and could not sleep. Late night while lying on the bed I prayed to God to send someone to handle all of this as I felt so overwhelmed with everything, I felt I didn’t have that spiritual maturity to explain to an 8-year-old and to answer his questions, it felt like I failed as a Believer Mother. But though I had asked God to send “someone” for help, least did I know that God was not just about to send “Someone” but a whole Army of His People to take care of these challenges! So, while these thoughts raced in my heart and mind I once again searched for a Church, and The Lighthouse Church, Coppell – TX, details came up. Instantly, from that point of time things started moving really quick. I chatted with one of the members who was available online , I got all the details , spoke to the Church’s Pastor the following morning , and the next thing we know , there are these whole bunch of people , whom we have never ever met before are at our door steps Praising & Worshiping the Lord’s Name with Instruments and Joy of the Lord in there hearts to share with us the Good News ! WOW! What an amazing Christmas we had after that! The Best Christmas Ever!

The prayers that have been answered after becoming a part of the TLC Family are –

  • We Celebrated the Best Christmas in 11 years of our Stay in US.
  • We attended our 1st Christmas Service on the 25th of Dec in 11 years of our Stay in US
  • George & Ahaan got to go to their 1st Carol Singing Visit this Christmas
  • 1st time ever in our lives we attended the Midnight Service on the Dec 31st Eve
  • All three of us look forward to Sundays Services & Fellowship
  • Pastor Parimal & Sister Neha appeared like our Guardian Angels to lead & help us grow spiritually.
  • I had always prayed that my Husband should take the lead in our Family engagements with the Church & he did.
  • I prayed that we could find a place where my husband could connect to the Preaching as well as the people, and he did.
  • Our Son has found new friends who are Believers of Christ.
  • We have found a whole Family in TLC to connect with & to enjoy the fellowship of God.

From the moment I have become a part of TLC, my spiritual void has been filled. The plan of God looks clear to me now that, as a Christian Wife & as a Christian Mother, I had a more important job to take care of, and that was to help my family come to the Lord FIRST. Today I am grateful to God for His plans and arrangements for my life. I have more time to devote to my & my Family’s spiritual growth I am more than excited and look forward to this year of 2019, to see how God’s plans will unfold for my and my Family’s life as we get a chance to connect to God’s people and His word, much closer than ever before.

Jeremiah 29: 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

by Malini George