God’s love!

TLC Web Team Youth Blogs

This Christmas, I’ve learned quite a bit despite the fact that I have been growing up in a family that has been celebrating this holiday for a while! This year, much emphasis was put on the Virgin Birth, and its significance to ALL believers. Obviously, I know and believe it, but this Christmas, it was told to me that even new Christians need to be introduced to this topic at a “young age”. Knowing this could really help me in the future while disciplining others, and in my own personal walk with Christ.

The Virgin Birth is a constant reminder of how nature does not always agree with the scope of God’s plans, and that humans themselves, no matter how educated, can never fully understand the extent of God’s love. The exciting part of everything this season is reminding yourself one more time just how incredibly sacrificial God’s love is for us. The very IDEA of giving up your child for others is enough to get someone’s heart racing, but God in all his love did just that for us. Also this year, I understood the true meaning of compassion and kindness. I feel that in our world there is so much hate. This hate does not have to particularity be “evil” but it is not what you would call morally acceptable.

We have to go out and not only share the gospel, but be the Lighthouse and show others what it means to live a godly life. This does not necessarily mean that we must become martyrs, but that even simple acts and gestures are enough to make someone’s day better.

One more thing I have rediscovered this season is humility. Through and through, God has lifted me up to places I once thought were impossible! The story of Christmas reminds me that Jesus, though a glorified being, was born in a place with hardly any sanitation, in a place where anything could have gone wrong, and placed in a lowly manger. It serves as a constant reminder that even if God lifts you up, it is so important to remember the place from where you came, and to acknowledge and praise WHO lifted you up in the first place!

by Siona Raiborde