God’s Grace

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God’s grace for his people is revealed in many ways. As I think about God’s faithfulness, my mind immediately runs to the garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus said to God the Father, “Please take this cup of suffering away from me” (Luke 22:42). The answer is out of love, Jesus took the punishment of our rebellion. All my sins filled the cup that Jesus drank for us. God spared Him nothing as He was crucified on a cross because “God loved the world”-loved us, loved me(John 3:16).Once we realize the enormity of our rebellion against God, then and only then are we able to see the incredible cost of his grace.

As I heard my dad preach this Good Friday on the word “It is finished”, he talked about the victory we now have because of Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, because my Jesus is in control over my life. This means so much to me, because I know there is one person who cares for me so much that he chose to die for me. Jesus has been given “the honors of a victorious soldier” (Isaiah 53:12). But this was accomplished at a high cost. Jesus was despised and rejected, pierced for my rebellion, crushed for my sins, beaten so I could be whole, whipped so I could be healed, oppressed and treated harshly, unjustly condemned and buried like a criminal (Isaiah 53:5,7,8,9). But Jesus had done no wrong. So as I look at Jesus Christ ,I see the One who bore my sins so I could be right with God, the Son of God who died that I might live eternally. What an amazing portrait of Grace!

by Joanna Selvarayan