Behind the Scenes: The Miracle of Christmas

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The Miracle of Christmas was TLC’s Christmas outreach program of 2018. My sister and I were blessed to be a part of such a marvelous program. My name is Bettina Devadoss and I want to share with you a little bit about what happened behind the scenes of our Christmas program.


In my opinion, the only way to start a church service is by worshiping God. I was so privileged to be part of such a great worship team. We were each given the set list and met once a week on Saturday to practice. As individuals, we sounded good, but when every singer sang and every instrumentalist played, we sounded great. The thing I enjoyed most about being on worship team was seeing people worship. From the stage, you can see everyone just basking in God’s glory, and there is no better sight.

Indian Youth Dance

Words cannot describe how much fun I had dancing with all my friends, but a lot of effort was put into this. Every Sunday after church since the beginning of November we worked on the choreography. The song was choreographed by the Pastor’s wife who put in countless hours to make the moves flow and then to teach them to us. After many hours, days, and weeks of practice, we were finally ready for the stage. Minutes before the performance the girl’s dressing room was full of energy and excitement. People were running around to touch up their make-up, change clothes, do their hair, and review the dance. Once everyone was ready, we all hurried to the stage to get ready to dance. As the music started we lifted our hands and began to dance to a song that glorified God.

TLC Youth Skit

Our skit was the highlight of the program. The program was actually named after the youth skit! The skit production started as the two teachers in charge picked the skit and assigned roles. There were four speaking roles and the rest were all musical roles in a living nativity. My two best friends and I played the three wisemen. Like everyone else in the play we had to learn the song that corresponds with the person we played. We slowly but surely made the nativity come to life! With practices at least once a week, and practicing as individuals for countless hours, we went in to the production.

But there’s more?

I was blessed to be a part of these three parts of the production; however, there was more that I cannot tell you about simply since I was not a part of it. The Miracle of Christmas also had a beautiful Christmas Choir, a vivid instrumental team, a wonderful sermon by our very own Pastor Parimal, a fun children’s dance, and finally a delicious dinner brought to us by our dinner team! Since I wasn’t part of all of these, I can’t tell you any details. However, I can tell you that each team was very dedicated and put in many hours to make the program successful.

What I learned

Throughout this Christmas season I learned a ton about worship. I learned that worship is to God, so it doesn’t matter how you do it. Worship is the same whether you sing on the stage or in the audience. Worship is music, dance, preaching, giving, and serving. Because when we do something in the name of God, it is Worship.
Psalm 95:6 “Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!”

Now that you know what goes into our Christmas Program,

We hope to see you there next year!!!
by Bettina Devadoss